Beauty Works Flat Iron Wave Bar 38mm

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De stijltang creëert S-vormige, platte golven op alle haarlengtes, de staaf van 38 mm formatteert plattere krulvormen en is binnen 60 seconden op temperatuur voor een snelle en gemakkelijke styling.


Taking all the thinking out of creating an S-wave shape the ceramic-coated barrels seal the cuticle to prevent frizz and inspire mirror-like shine. Programmed with an adjustable temperature of 80-220°C to suit your hair type. The Flat iron curl bar creates that lived-in, effortless, textured wave pattern. Featuring an extra-long wand to heat hair lengths equally from root to tip. Complete with a white and gold carry case and protective glove.

Designed specifically for hair extensions and longer hair types.


Set Contains:


Set contains Beauty Works Flat Iron Wave Bar 25mm, a white and gold carry case and protective glove (please note carry case is not heat resistant).


How To Use:


Create cool-girl bends in your hair by wrapping the curl bar away from your face. Leave the ends out so they stay straight to create a cool care-free vibe.

If you want your waves to be separate and imperfect, start by spraying dry shampoo throughout hair lengths to break up the wave formation. Spray 8-10 inches from dry hair.

Use a wide tooth comb rather than a brush to dress the waves, for best results try the Beauty Works Beach Wave comb. The wide tooth comb won't completely brush out the wave and will soften the shape.

For wetter texture use products before and during the wave formation, spritz throughout lengths with hair oil. Use throughout lengths and drench hair, depending on how wet you want your waves.



For use on hair extensions we recommend not exceeding 180 degrees. Using above this temperature can damage hair.