Nano rings are the most undetectable non-glue hair extension technique available. Combing strands of natural hair with the hair extension using tiny, curved copper rings, fixing the bond into place for months. Made from 100% Remy Hair, Nanobond Extensions are resilient against heat, water and washing. Each pack contains 50g of loose, double drawn hair at 0.8g per strand.


The Nano ring technique is the smallest and most undetectable non-glue hair extension technique available, which combines strands of natural hair with the extension hair using tiny, curved copper rings, fixing the bond into place for months.The Beauty Works formula is pre-tipped onto our luxury range of Celebrity Choice® hair. Each pack contains 50g of loose, double drawn hair at 0.8g per strand; the perfect amount of hair for a natural blend.


    Hand-selected and cuticle retained, our virgin hair is specifically processed to ensure that the protective layers of the cuticle remain intact and are facing the same direction from root to tip. This ensures natural shine and vitality allowing the hair to behave tangle free throughout its lifetime.


    Double drawn hair is the ultimate luxury, specifically processed by hand to ensure all hair lengths are the same, resulting in thicker, fuller looking hair from every angle. Virgin hair is hand-selected and all shorter hair lengths are removed by our technicians. This guarantees perfectly uniform hair which is balanced and gives the illusion of beautiful, healthy hair.


    The Beauty Works uniquely formulated bond keeps all hair extension strands within the bond, with little to no shedding. This tiny bond is soft, mouldable and completely reusable. With undetectable results, the Nanobond® system allows the hair to lie completely flat to the head. The incredibly small and lightweight Nanobond® formula is completely transparent when applied to the natural hair.

    Using curved, colour-coded copper Nano rings to secure the bond, each ring is available in different colours to match your hair and fit the Nano ring perfectly. Enjoy the natural movement they deliver with extension strands that flow and move easily, just like your own hair.


Reusable for multiple salon applications, our Remy hair can be re-applied and will last many months with the correct aftercare.



For pre-bonded extensions and tape adhesive methods sulphate free treatments only should be used. Beauty Works Pearl Nourishing Argan Oil Shampoo (Sulphate Free) will leave hair feeling revitalised, full of body and shine

We recommend investing in a hair brush that will glide over bonded hair extensions. Beauty Works soft boar bristle brushes are specifically designed to glide through your strands, without damaging the natural hair or pulling out the hair extension application. 

Please note we only recommend the use of Beauty Works aftercare products. By using an alternative brand we cannot guarantee the quality or lifetime or your hair extensions thus invalidating our returns and guarantee policy.

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