Creëer glamoureuze gedefinieerde golven, op alle haarlengtes, met The Waver 28MM Salon Professional Edition. Met onze exclusieve professionele salonwaver, golfkam en scheidingsclips, in één essentiële stylingset.

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Transform your hair into glamorous, defined waves in super-fast time, with The Waver 28MM Salon Professional Edition, designed specifically for the professional stylist. Featuring three, ceramic-coated barrels, helping to smooth the cuticle, infuse moisture and eliminate frizz, for effortless waves. With adjustable heat settings from 80-220°C, personalise the styling temperature to suit your hair type and when styling with Beauty Works extensions.

The kit comes complete with the exclusive Beauty Works Wave Comb, featuring a wide tooth design that glides effortlessly through the hair and styles waves to perfection. Designed for use with Beauty Works extensions to avoid pulling or snagging. The kit also includes sectioning clips to assist with styling and a heat protective mat & styling glove, plus a travel storage case.


  • Triple Barrel - This 28mm triple barrel waver makes styling super-fast and easy to transform your hair into glamorous defined waves, on all hair types and lengths including Beauty Works extensions.
  • Ultra-Efficient Ceramic Heat Technology - Providing consistent heat whilst styling and delivering long-lasting results with one single clamp.
  • Gold Ceramic Coated Barrels - Helps to seal the cuticle creating shiny, healthier looking, frizz-free waves.
  • Professional Length Cable - 3 metre professional, 360° swivel, non-tangle cable. For ease of styling in the salon and at home.
  • Temperature Control - from 80°C-220°C. Select the precise temperature for your hair type.
  • Wave Comb - Prep hair for styling and glide through finished waves for a smooth, frizz-free finish with this exclusive wide tooth comb.
  • Sectioning Clips - For effortless styling.
  • Storage - Complete with a faux leather case for keeping your waver safe when not in use, always ensure that the tool is completely cooled down before storing.
  • Heat Protective Styling Glove & Mat.


  • Comb through clean, dry hair with the Beauty Works Wave Comb.
  • Start by clipping your hair into manageable sections, with the sectioning clips provided.
  • Take the Waver and select the recommended temperature to suit your hair type. Starting at the bottom half of your head, near the nape of your neck, take small sections of hair at a time, clamp the Waver either near to the root, or you can decide where you would like the waves to start.
  • Hold the clamp onto the hair for up to 10 seconds, the longer you leave the clamp on the hair, the more defined the wave will be, then release.
  • Move the Waver further down the same section of hair and repeat this process until all of the hair is waved to the ends. For a more casual vibe, leave the ends straight. Continue this process on your entire head.
  • Once completed, it's time to dress out your waves. Use the Wave Comb provided and comb through your waves from root to tip to loosen the wave pattern for that glamorous, undone, wavy look.
  • Finish with the Beauty Works Super Hold Hairspray or Texturising Spray for your desired hold and finish.
  • Once you are satisfied with your style, switch off your Waver and leave to cool down. Once cool place the Waver into the case for safekeeping whilst not in use.


  • Before you start waving, always use a heat protection spray. This is vital to the health of your hair, heat doesn't just dry hair out it can destroy the integrity of the inner structure of the hair, and even decrease the longevity of that beautiful colour you may have invested in.
  • For a more textured, beach wave finish to the hair, use a texturising spray before styling to mimic the effect of salt-soaked tresses. This lightweight formula adds dimension to soften hair, creating a more authentic beachy look.
  • Instead of waving your hair right to the ends, leave the last couple of inches free to create a multi-textured finish.
  • Use the Wave Comb provided to brush through waves, the wide tooth design glides through waves and prevents frizz or static.
  • Finish with Beauty Works Argan Serum to define your waves. This hydrating formula fights frizz and banishes flyaways, whilst adding a silky gloss to the finished look.


For use on hair extensions we recommend not exceeding 180 degrees. Using above this temperature can damage hair.

Always use a heat protection spray on hair before styling, brushing through to ensure even coverage. For best results use the Beauty Works Heat Protection Spray or Beauty Works 10-in-1 Miracle Spray, both designed to protect hair and hair extensions from heat damage.